Internet marketing in Belize has become quite competitive over the last couple of years. With the rise of the .bz era more and more company are seeing the importance of having an online presence. Long are the days when the "Mom & Pop" store could get by on the good word from its patrons. With the massive culture diversification only the ultra-sophisticated business savvy owners will rise to the top of the food chain or clothing chain or any chain they are climbing.

With social media slowly isolating the physical population the from one another, we find ourselves trapped on desktops, laptops and smartphones. We are so connected to everything yet distant from everyone. I remember listening to Tony Robbins say technology is getting so advance that we will be able to take a shower and check our e-mail at the same time. If you are of this century that would provoke the comment "What rock has he been living under".

There is some good that does come along with the raise of technology and it's the sharing of ideas and information, Once cooped up in our heads can now be effortlessly express with the press of a button, the glide of a mouse or the elegant tap of your stylus. Either way, nothing really can replace the input of a human, but it's nice to know that there is a universal equalizer that can level the playing field with a little practice and push in the right direction.

So now that it is established that there is an equalizer how do we use this to our advantage? SEO yes, Search Engine Optimization. It could mean the difference between being the star of your chosen line of work or the other crabs in the bucket clawing at each other using dirty tactics to keep each other down. Now you are probably asking yourself "Well I've never heard of this SE… whachma call it Witchcraft voodoo? If you are one of these people it's fine many people haven't heard of this either. It's a series of activates done either on or off someone’s website or social media account to give them favor in the eyes of search engines.

Search engines function very much like Uber attractive woman if you rate her from a scale of 1to10 she would be a flat-out 1000. Anyway this is not about aesthetics, well at least not what you have in mind. It will view your information and stats like and FBI agent who was just promised a promotion on his next investigation, and if you meet the MO then she’s got her Man.

What SEO company’s like does is perform a series of off page modification that increase the value of your site in turn raise its ranking that exposes your website to a higher number of potential clients.

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